Log X Diary


hey sorry the password goes twice btw, its liek kinda weird nd idk why it does that :p xp

its probs bc God glitches da F outta my site xp


Ya'll... i can't believe its alrdy 0250 OwO... i've been doing neocities for liek... the entire day... not kidding... from 1300 to now... like not just customizing tho.. i luv looking at everyone elss' sites !! UvU... ya'll are so creative and inspiring... maybe one day my site can look as good as ya'lls :)

ok tho, text-align:center; is srsly pissing me tf off.. idk whats conflicting on it, but not one piece of text on this damn site can be centered but the "Welcome to The Show" header, only bc its in its own thing tho. like i rlly don't know what i'm doing wrong... also i'm tryna get this text to go next to the big ass chat box, but it only floats near the bottom not down the side like i want... ig i need to make a column or smth for it like flexbox i think but idk :/ why cant it just do what i want yk??

also i got no idea where to put these damn spinny glitchy machines but i luv them sm, that spinny flower was one a my great accomplishments back when i first started html, which i plan to link to my old html pages sometime, but right now i dont even have this home page right ^^; anyway, next i plan on making a small frame that you can scroll in for all my log notes like this one, so that way its not clogging up the whole site, like i dont got enough ads to fill that new space down the first column lol

also to find a better space for the banner ad at the bottom, it looks annoying rn, anndd i got so many more blinkies to add ! /3 ! anndd at somepoint i wanna make my own blinky and ad gif!

but its late so i must sleep, goodnight neighbors!


(1300) my god... after two hours i have finally done it... centered the items... UwU UwU 1. use flexbox instead of making columns 2. make a big flex box and order it in a row for the other 3 flexboxes to be inside of, nulling "float" 3. perservere.. in w3schools we trust
now to make a small iframe for these log notes / diary entries...

7/13 (1455)

ok ig this is as good as the stupid log is gonna get... i'll do the font and try to make it look better later, im so tiredt of it rn....

making it responsive is also such a pain in the ass, like idegaf anymore, only posers use phones anyway :/


I wanna make the left side cute -.__-. that is unfortunately proving difficult. its like watermelon themed rn but its like ugly. I'm planning to move my links there instead bc i like that typa layout more than having them at the top. + im gonna put a lil bio there and some other stuff. get rid of most of the neocity ads i have there rn and just keep a banner or two and a another. i want most of that side to be empty space and then maybe have a nice bg for the site.

its also kinda annoying having the iframe for the lognotes be so big and in the middle of the screen but idk where to move it as of now... also i def need more spinny things, i only have marny and god.

i also wanna make like a button for my site but idk how to make gifs :( and i wanna join a webring but i feel my site is too young rn, like i only just started it so i think i should wait a bit (?) till it looks better and is more like what i want. (i did end up making dat i love miku one tho!) also rlly weird but the footer i have rn is for some reason stacked under the right side instead of under all the flexboxes like its supposed to be.. very strange...

7/16 0112

added entrance page


moved links into lil box on right, added drafts for sana shrine and miku shrine... in great need of a beautification spree.

had lil idea of a theme.. temple, the top roof part is the header and then each colomn of the temple has different links in it, might have some things on the floor of the temple like flowers or smth that are also links... wonder if anyones done it?

this stupid log section is still pissing me off. but now its grey! (--- this is an improvement

my first official blinkies!!


uhhhh like, made the links section into a list + gave it a dif margin than the ads, deleted most ads and just left two, made a lil button for my sana shrine even tho i havent even rlly started yet *hehe sweat mark face*

tried to fix the stupid spaces between the div's for the LINKS header and the actual links,, which is also the same prollem between LOG X DIARY and the entries

i dunno what to do, i alrdy set the margin and padding to zero so..... idk

also i should probs start keeping my lil blinkies and extra pics n shit in a seperate folder but like, it doesnt let u drag and drop the files so id have to reupload them ig ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and also i dont wanna have to put the folder name b4 the img *eyes fill w tears but like in a ive been staring at my pc all day way*


what the fuccccccccccccckkkkkkkk it was fine when i left last time but now none of my fonts are loading and the black background i had for the page is white and idk why ..... TT-TT.. double checked all my : and ; and nothing.. bet its smth dumb like that though.. ugh.


might have smth to do with module and body


mood: frustrated, disappointed, uh, bitchy

... i might be the dumbest bitch alive... long story short, uh, check all ur '{'
whatevs tho, retyping the style sheet is worth it bc now its all organized n shit...

geez i havent been on here in 4 ever -m- mb w sk**l starting up again n everythign i didnt have time buttttt here i am!
put on a new galaxy bg for the homepage, (reminds me of my old leggings) + made log bg transparent >wO

guess i celebrated too early... what do u mean "unexpected end tag div used too early" i only *used* div wha tdo you meeaaaaan 0w0


1st time editing in sk**l, on my fone :33 pr weird, cant rlly do much bc my site doesnt werk on fones. + all my good shit is on me laptop :"0 whatevs

planning on making a journal, want it to look liek deadjournal format, dunno how to do dat, will hab it iframe float next to logdiary + link in links section? or --what i rlly wanna do-- have a lil box under my about tab thatll have a lil iframe w the most recent entry in the journal, format mood: music: input: yk? id get rid of the mood moosic sec i alrdy have... idek if thats smth u can actually do tho 🤔. itd have to be like an iframe that only pulled from da newest div entry.. or maybe it could have a seperate htm file that would only show the most recent and then make n iframe of dat, so then id be figuring out how to get it to automatically update that so i dont have to go in and manually type it in errytime 00__00
that would be kinda cool tho. if i could
lik i want a space i can chronicle irl stuff bc this is just lik, an extended dev pg lol not rlly supposed to go off on the unrelated stuff i wanna

also still having issues w dis log. like. idk wtf it means by "(div) seen to early" like gurl no, i counted my divs and /divs its def supposed to be there.. but it messes up my order. the flexbox organizes bottom > top so that way most recent entries r on top but now some rnt being counted as their own div nd yeah.. just being displayed at random.

also wanna add a auto music player that uses local files instead o yt links >___>d


YAYYYY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEENNN >:D wanna make a spooky theme
site is being annoying as usual. trying to turn the link sections into on click drop down menus and it works fine on my practice page but not on my actual. UGH. also now all my links are broken :/. once i do get it working tho im gonna move this log + the chat box into the margin n put them under one.
moved all my .css-es into a folder, so, idk, maybe its making problems, rlly shouldnt be though. good news, bebetcy.gay is open and 2.99 for a year, bebetcy.com is 0.01 pr good imo. beetc.com is over 9,000 bc its "premium"---which i find hilarious, who tf is buying that.
other things, new boyfriend appreciation page, did some hover stuff for text + links,,, found out i actually am in the yesterwebring :3 but.. as usual.. the link button thing isnt working for whatever fucking reason. *shrugs cutely*.
still having issues w the log thats making my entries out of order wtf.
nvm fixed it, spelled dive instead of div... stupidest bitch alive.
update: the drop down menu worked! for one... but if i try to have it on for the rest they keep opening the same submenu. -____- links are still dead f me.


uhmm ok literally what. the links r dead bc a lot of them were labled "a1" even though i don't have any "a1" styles?? why?? i dont remember doing this?? next i licherally just copipasted the webring thing and it worked so idk what the issue was.
the bf page is going well >//< AHHH yas.


Time: 15:30 Music: None
Hello everyone! It's been about a month since I last updated and yeah, not much. Dressed up as a vampire for halloween, but I lost my fangs the night of which was really maddening. my bestie Q went as frankie from monster high, and her exchange student went as draculaura. J didnt show up even tho she said she would (typical). couple of Q's other friends came, met B her sis and V half way through, didnt sprain my ankle this time *cool guy*. Q says she's sad this is gonna be our last halloween together :/ i agree, but honestly my halloween peaked back in middle school w/ my bestie at the time Ju, we had so much fun every halloween it was great.

its snowing today. i've been practicing Skating by Vince Guaraldi since late summer but I don't think its gonna be ready for christmas :/ i only got like half way through and i haven't been practicing recently at all bc i just have so much work. i hate school! TToTT my knees killing me today. its been hurting the last couple days but going to work last night rlly through it over i think. work sucks. they said they'd make accomodations for my leg disability but i'm on my feet the entire night and hardly have time to sit. they want me to come in for 6hr30min this saturday at 8:30 *skull* literally the worst way to spend my weekend. i dont wanna go in... but i dont think they have anyone else. it sucks. i think i'm gonna ask if i can just stay till 13:30 instead o 15, so my usual 5hrs, bc i dont think i'd make it the whole way. someone else is supposed to be coming at 12 and that shift goes to 17 + its a weekend so its slow, so rlly i hope they can handle it alone. i claimed that 12-17 after thanksgiving tho so *yus*.

i desperately need to update this journal log thing... it looks so bad -__- does not inspire me to write at all... think im gonna steal the look from (vampireslayersunite.neocities.org) ty! gonna put the diary in its own page and can make another page just for updates if i still want an updates iframe :-]

anyway.. yeah! other updates: added self insert webring (koinuko.pink), update to theme.. ya, guess i'll see u guys again whenever


Time: 00:31 Music: Innocence by Eir Aoi

back again. these past few days kinda sucked, our area is in a blizzard rn so i didnt have to go to school or work (WIN! WIN! WIN!) but i also have a research paper now overdue and its stressing me the fuck out. i just dont know what to do, none of my research is being very fruitful, and i know i could do it if i just forced myself too, but its just, ugh.

good news i finished shopping for the majority of the people in my life for the year (my friends and my 1 sister, only finished chrimmy for the other siblings and still need to get them bday gifts) but it took over 3 hours i think of just shopping. ugh. but i used blippo which was cute, got some cute stuff for cheap. Also bought some things for E who i have a crush on at the moment, its difficult to explain because E was actually the one to approach me about dating and then we had this whole conversation where we seemed both on board, but then the next day E said that we should just be friends :/ the entire convo was over text so its not like i didnt expect this but.. yeah. ig these gifts are kinda like me courting E (lol) but honestly i definitely would not mind having someone to date. And E's a nice person, i've been getting info from other people as well as we've been on good terms for a while (?) and they're cool, they're crafty and like fashion and photography, which is all cool in my book, they also just seem chill and like they have a big heart, sweet, like to do things for people. we've been texting, so far its me who's been initiating all the convos, but ik for some ppl its difficult to start conversations and i dont really mind it

its difficult to tell if they actually like me or not. idk. im just confused. like, emphasis, they were the one to approach me, but i wonder if thats not just because they just wanted fun/were joking? but i asked and they said no? then Q talked to them, and they said they thought i was pretty and liked me when we had classes together, but idk if thats just shit they pulled out of their ass for the moment or if they actually had those feelings for a while. :v sad and confusing times.


Time 13:50 Mood: frustrated

going brain dead. pink box supposed to be next to yellow box, dont know why not working, have in flex box flex row, pink 20% yello 80%, have tried float too no work. hate this.

i also hab work in 2hrs.. my leg aches this sucks


was browsing miki's otome oasis and found out ab this little feature...

blah blah blah


blah blah

Huh. Okay this literally solves every problem I've ever had ever. (i can finally fix my drop down menus for my page links... (and it even comes w the cute lil carrot? come ON how did i not know ab this until now))


got why the flex boxes werent working... because i never set them as display:flex; *skull* (i really am.. dumb as shit..)

but yay! not that i got the code figured out i can finally start decorating!!



havent done any kinda substantial update to the site in over a month, but i realized i didnt have a current update pic so here we are

oncle jazz might be my fav album of all time


uhhhh hiiiiiii :)) not done anythign big on the site, added some stuff, added the music section back + some songzz, added my immortal link n some for neighborss. isnt the my immortal one cool?? love how they made it look just like fanfic.net pr cool !
also joined NavLink Ads. this is my ad, it looks pr stupid. -m- whatever. art aint my strongest suit.


Time: 19:30

Music: L O L ^ ^ by horrormovies

Mood: on the bad side of meh. like. neutral with a slight mix of depressed/frustrated/bored. the people in my sem class went to research at the college today so they can actually complete the task and i didnt even though i have no idea what the fuck i'll do because im a fucking girl boss. i was working on my latin shit all fucking day. legitimately upwards of 6 hours straight of fucking hyperbaton anaphora "analyze how virgil illustrate iarbus' character trait through direct quotes with translation in a full essay" ablative of time ablative of purpose ablative of fucking sucking cock and dying. I DONT CAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE take your future perfect passive subjunctive infinitives AWAY FROM ME BEFORE I FUCKING LOSE IT.

hi! uhm. i've actually been updating a bit in the past few months, not much worthy of an entry tho. except for today! welcome to the construction of the newly refurbished landing page -- boom.

(it has all the lil badges i didnt have room for b4 !!!)webrings r gonna be on this page from now on i think, or maybe not. i also wanna add a link to my neocities page so that way ppl can leave comments and follow and shit, saw it on shiroganes, that sites pr cool :3. wanna move some stuff around. especially the chat box, its been bothering me a while and i dont want it in the site bar w the navigation menu, so i think i'm gonna drop it into the box w miku. also want to add more katamari decor bc its seriously lacking rn. like sure, i have miku, but we need more katamari!!!!

uhmmm yeah. forgot how fucking ugly this log page was. theres no fucking way i'm gonna be sorting these out and then making different pages to jump around to, like. no. definitely a new look but uh, that was a lil ambitious. idek how to do it? do people seriously make a new htm file for each month and then put there entries all in it and then have a landing page that links to each file... and then have each file have the same css so that way the navis on one side and the entries are in a scroll box? TOO MUCH FUCKING WORK. infinite scroll it is. ugh. but i wanna be able to hyperlink jump around the entries, that i would do bc i dont like having to scroll all the time. idk.

current look

zoomed out ---------------

ugh i definitely need to move that fucking chat box. and i also wanna move the poll to the right side. for some reason the actual poll buttons arent working?? which i dont understand... like... why.

my moms making pizza and it smells really fucking good. we'll probably be eating at like 20:whatever which i'm not exactly happy with? but i feel normally i'd be mad/frustrated ab eating outside my window but today? idk. i'm ok. i usually go to bed around now so that'll be weird. i really hope the carbs dont keep me up but i'll just try not to eat much. felt really weird today. i didnt binge which was good but it was so weird. i didnt wanna eat anything? like my stomach felt hot and hungry so i was like "oh i should eat. i'm hungry. i fasted yesterday so whatever you want you can have." but i got nothing. like "apple and peanut butter?" nope. i practically had to force myself to go get the apple and peanut butter but then in the end i just put them back. is this a good thing? yeah? like i need to lose more than ever rn bc my mom wants us to do a beach trip april 3rd (APRIL FUCKING THIRD UGGGHHHH) and i need to drop like, 20lbs by then lmao. actually 14lbs. to be specific. and theres no way thats happening but as long as im doing my best and wittling down what i can thats ok. so yes. its good that im feeling hungry right now. but usually i'm fighting my instinct to eat and cravings for food but today? surprisingly, nothing. 600kcal and i'm not that hungry. which is awesome bc under 700 is ideal but idk. its weird. maybe its bc this is my second 42hr fast so its not gonna be as difficult as last week? maybe its bc i had less carbs yesterday and today?? (i had a piece of naan bread yesterday though so idk) but my cravings are noexistent today. is this what most people feel like? no cravings? its so weird.


Time: 00:16

mood: energized but tired (?) in that, its getting late but i'm suddenly motivated to browse the interwebs lol.

Today I retired bebetcy.htm v1 and started up v2 :) i think its prolly gonnna have a pretty similar layout to the original but i want it to be cleaner and include more of the things i want. i felt constricted by my old layout so, here we go. two major flex, with one for links and one for the main content.

links will all be their own buttons, wanna make it look like the DDR menu lol. the other layout was the one i made when i first started this webpage. its nice to clear the slate and start off fresh having known what i do now ab coding :) this design rn is flexbox bc i forgot about columns but idk, i'll look into them and see whats best, i wanna make a cool layout and ik rn flexbox limits me a bit in having to make straight rows. but maybes thats just how i'm using it.

wanna update a new layout for this diary too, though i never even got around to finishing my og design for this lmao. whatever. this place is so ugly rn it kinda de-inspires me from writing or coding so.. meh.


Time: 20:08

mood: tired, sore (back and neck)

Had a weird dream last night that left me feeling weird all day today. i had another sugery on my knee. before the surgery when they were prepping the iv and anasthesia, the dr was like "we're not doing anesthesia today. we're gonna try putting you in a cryo sleep instead." and i was liek "wait what" but then i suddenly got that feeling and fell asleep already. and a second later i woke up again and it was done. they put a bar on my knee it was light like titanium or smth. it was stapled to my knee at a weird bit. over days everytime i would wake up it would be moved, the bar was bent bc i did smth or idk. then i was at a point where i had to take the staples out bc some of them were loose and i didnt want them to snag. so i was taking out the staple but it felt so wrong bc my knee was completely numb but i could sometimes feel this pain when i moved a staple, and as i was pulling the staple out it was getting sticky from the iodine. idk. i never had staples for any of my incisions i dont think, but there was points where i had to take out the thread so maybe thats what the dream was based off. i've just felt really sad todya though from it. i feel bad for my leg, i feel like i havent been taking care of it enough. i feel like theres more i should be doing, idk. i just feel sad for it.

anyway, i made some layout progress for bebetcy v2. i'll probs be moving stuff around but for now the first two rows of flexboxes are where i want them, music box i'm iffy on. i knew ab firfox's screenshot thing b4 but i mustve forgot bc i just found it again today ^^; anyway. i'll try to remember it for updates for now on bc you can actually see the full page which is nice. it'll be nice to have the currently playing/watching/reading. i also kinda want a pfp with a "mood/music/etc" thing so i might shove the about over and put a lil area for that