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name: zuri (used to spell it zurie lolz)
blue hair n prns??: YES xe/xyr
favourite colour: PINK
ware r u frum? MURICAAAAAAA
fav book? Da Tartar Steppe
fav vocaloidi??? MIKU, and also KAITO and also GAKUPO and also LUKAAAA.
fav cousin? DIPP
fav vido game? its acutally supr hard to pick bc i love video games so much and like, when theyre my fav its difficult to say one is better than the other when they each have smth of their own to offer and their each so diffierent i cant say one is better yk? but my list is like, we love katamari, skyrim, ddr extreme 2, and ffvii. fav soundtracks is like, katamari + we love katamari, ocarina of time, twilight princess, super mario galaxy + 2, persona 3 (ugh that game kinda sucks but the songs are so fucking good. YOU EVER FELT LIKE? SO MISERABLE?), sonic dream collection (i bought the album on bandcamp ebvourbuervb its actually such a fucking bop) fav design: shadow of mordor, nier:automata, twilight princess (ough the foggy dream like ness ughgggh), uhm others but i cunt tink
fav animal? kitty :3
private or pubby skool? PUBBY >:00 i hate my fucking skool SO BAD I HOPE IT BLOWS UP
r u religious??? kinda??? im not llike christina/muslim or n e thing but i'm kindaa like, idk what to call it but i believe in a lot of stuff, and i love the sun and APOLLO and i try to worship him and let the sun guide me n stuff and connect me to nature and the planet and stuff.. i rlly love the sun so much and its so so awesome bc he told me "u'll never be alive at a point I don't exist" and that's so fucking truthbalz. literally if the sun dies i die so therefore as long as i'm alive the sun will also be right w me :))))) and its so warm and nice :))) and it makes all the plantz live and all the animals live and it makes me live too :333 and music is so lovely and by letting the sun and light inside of you and channelling music through ur body u are letting happiness into ur heart and mind and its epic
EPIC ZURI LORE??? so epic lore moment but i was actually created in the depths of the ocean by my mom the ocean and she gives everyone the option they wanna pick for their future life, so she was like "where do u want to go? what do u want to live as?" and i was already a bird and i think a mountain lion at one point so i was like "i wanna be human!" and she was like "humans can view the world like no other creature, live like no other, and experience beautiful things. but in return you have the responsibility of being the protector of myself and the planet. you bare more grief and more guilt than any creature, and you bare the weight of every human who has ever walked before you." and i was like "truth. i can handle it." (plot twist,, no i cant rlly lol). and yeah. then she sent me to be a human. and its great bc i have toes i can lie in the grass in the sun and talk to apollo or put my toes in the sand and stuff, or go swimming, or play flute and make music and its greate. but then i see a lot of fucked up stuff and im like, never mind i hate living. and then itll get rlly bad, but then it gets a lil better. ig overall its fine but 4 my next life i am definitely picking jelly fish.
burf mumf? may!