Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a show ab hot werewolves and uhmmmmm sometimes they do stuff ya
it has 6 seasons and a movie..

My Thoughts?
fav season: 1 and 5.1 tbh :3
fav char: uhmmm scott?? stils????
fav ship: uhmm scott/stiles obvs.

what i would be like if i was in tw?
uhmmm i would be a werepanther that can do a full morph with jet black fur and shining green emerald eyes. when i get angry my claws come out uncontrollably, and whent i et flustered sometimes my ears or tail pop out QwQ... i'm lightning fast, so fast i basically teleport. on the full moon my panther instinct takes over and i go into the dark. i blend into the shadows and hunt. b4 i used to just hunt wild animals like a real panther but now my logic can affect it so now i go after like, forbes real time billionaires list and also ppl i dont like :/. i have super scent like all of uhm and yeah. cant believe there are over 2500 ppl w over $1bil dollahs... ridonkulus.
Cody Christian wait... you like Theo? well...only when i found out his actor voices my favorite blonde twink girl gf Cloud Strife xyrself!!
like the similarity?? dead. x__x
no but why the fuck do they look so similar. like their eyebrows eyes cheeks and nose shape? pls tell me i'm not the only one seeing this..
its like hilarious to me that teen wolf and ffvii would be connected like this
oh he's also aria's little brother in pretty little liars
in jr yr of hi skool we did this project in latin where we picked a passage and then presented it to the class w like, a fun game or smth (i had it self study so we never actually presented ours) but our passage was on the werewolf story from the satyricon (which is a fucking insane book and its hilarious they dance around the other bits for the dinner but whatever) but i liked it and i thought it was a fun story. anyway. its fun to me that for thousands of years people have thought about stuff like this. like, imagine going back in time and bringing teen wolf w you and having all the plebs be like "fuck yeah. i love werewolf shit (eheu! versipellis merdam amo)" like fuck yeah. thats the same shit i woulda said! its like u but 2000ya ..