learn abc's with amogus
English is a West-Germanic language originating in Europe (medieval England). It's spoken in a ton of different countries and has a lot of vocab, both from old English, that made in different locations, and that borrowed from different languages! It's flexible and inventive in a lot of ways, and pretty cool as far as languages go! Because it is so widely spoken there are a ton of cool and different versions of it spoken around the globe SO there's always more to learn even if ur a native speaker!

some interesting things

Anglish - English without the latin/greek and foreign influence, going back to Ye Olde Days of pre-Norman invasion. if you havent seen old english before consider Beowulf, a story written by an unknown author between 700-750 (source) which tells the tale of a hero named Beowulf who fucks around kills some monsters and is King (summary and history here!). this bilingual version from MIT is cool bc it has the og and the modern english side by side

These are some writings from kids that I thought were interesting! kinda cool n show how english is pronounced :)

the super hero story


Hyuwmeiages hamr, Red Socit and his sid cic lracr, (Sopr sm)
Sopr small slim and the hepmtisr.
BADGIY. Lectronic Larey.
Acshin. (Begenging) Lectronic Lary invads a small town ner the youesay mint with hes army of Lary bots. The necst day he invads the yousay mint and stels $5000 then gos into his larey mobel and driv it to a ubadind hows nere the hyway. The sopr kids find him there. lary tacs the muney and hops in his lary mobel and gosias FAST as his mobel can go. the Sopr Kis casee him in (tare) their kid mobels. Larey gits a flat tiyre. Hyumgis hamr grabs hem so he cat git awy. Sopr small slim calls the the Ples with his radyo. the plese cum put Larey in prisn and thay tact the muney that Larey stl. and the sopr kids are vgtoreus.
3 cardbord cars, 3 ranps, 5 seats, 3 bacsid of the cars and frunt sid,

with modern spelling

Humungus hammer Red Socit and his side kick lracr, Super small slim and the hypnotizer. BADGUY. Electronic Larey.
Action. (Beginning) Electronic Lary invades a small town near the yousay mint with he's army of Lary bots. The next day he invades the yousay mint and steals $5000 then goes into his larey mobile and drive it to a abandoned house near the highway. The Super Kids find him there. larey takes the money and hops in to his lary mobile and goes as FAST as his mobile can go. the Super Kids chase him in their kid mobiles. Larey gets a flat tire. Humungus hammer grabs him so he can't get away. Super small slim calls the Police with his radio. the police come put Larey in prison and they taked the money that Larey Stole. and the super kids are victorious.
3 cardboard cars, 3 ramps, 5 seats, 3 backside of the cars and front side,

thoughts and comments:

I really like the ommition of vowels between consonants that make one sound, like in (vg)toreus, (pl)es, pri(sn)and so(pr)hros. this actually makes a lot of sense when you consider PRISON -- P and R dont have a vowel between them because you say them as one sound, however, S and N have an O between them despite the O being so short is barely pronounced, and sounds more like SIN than SON. Lectronic also makes sense as the E is very short, almost nonexistent.
driv, sid, ner and gos ommit the e which abides the "single consonant then long" rule! this is consistent in other words like ples. tacs and invads may seem like misspellings but tac as a singular and invad as a singular also abide, add s for plural = tacs. Acshin is spelled exactly as its pronounced.
the lack off K is also interesting because C is used to cover all K sounds and never makes S sounds which is pretty based.